El Cid travels to Gumby Land


I still have the Gumby toy that I had when I was a kid, I wouldn’t be doing this review if I didn’t, lol. Anyway, above is a photo of all of the toys that were from the Gumby Adventures TV show. There’s Pokey, Prickle, Goo and that pink girl I can’t remember her name at the moment. I think there was a Gumby & Friends cartoon a few years after Gumby Adventures but they were both excellent shows. I remember how much I loved Gumby and how cool the theme song was. I attached a link below and I’ll attach the video after this:


Onto the toy. I believe I had two different Gumby toys, mostly because once there was a slight tear anywhere on the figure, you could basically kiss it goodbye. The tear would continue and pretty soon you couldn’t touch Gumby less he be torn to shreds. There’s a wire frame inside that makes Gumby malleable so you can bend him into all sorts of positions like in the show. Basically anything you can think of this figure can do, within reason of course. Gumby can’t multiply and he isn’t puddy like in the show so you’ll have to be very careful not to tear him. This toy is meant to be a collectible and wasn’t meant for high level adventures like say action figures. This figure is just to have around, remember your childhood and really just glide him around with his friends. Nothing violent. Nothing adventurous. Nothing too serious. Just a toy that embodies all the memories I used to have as a child of a carefree environment and of a wonderful time. 

So go out on eBay or Amazon and check up on all the figures as I’ll try to (within reason again) and try to have a few toys come back together like an old reunion. Having these toys makes me remember the good times and also smile and cry for those times. Watch it and I hope it makes you all remember some toy that gave you that same effect. 

And always hate those damn Blockheads. Meanies, lol


The whole Gumby family sans Tilly and Denali


One thought on “El Cid travels to Gumby Land

  1. Those toys are right wing christian brain washing materials…..
    Watch the show as an adult…it will blow your mind!

    I don’t know if the garbage pail kids were before your time….but I’d love to see a post on that.
    The movie is also unintentionally terrifying

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